Evening Prayer

“I will go out tomorrow and make money.  There will be no excuses anymore.  There will be no procrastinating.  Money must come in.  That’s the way the world works.  The reason I’m writing this is to try to instill a new principle in my mind.  It’s a type of meditation.  I will go out and earn money tomorrow.  I will go out and work any way I can.  The amount I make may not be much, but it will be something.  I will wake up in the morning.  I will try to think of nothing except getting out of the house.  I will not dwell on ideas or philosophical questions.  I will not find reasons why putting off work is acceptable.  The weather will havunmannedsuite no effect on me leaving the house.  If I feel a sniffle, I will ignore it.  I will go out and earn.“

As easy as it seems to make money these days, I can’t find the path to it.  I know I despise money.  I know it’s ruined everything.  I can only assume that this abhorrence is working on a subconscious level.  I know the requirements of modern life and that we all have to work to stay afloat.  It’s that endless trap that tethers us to the commercial function of society.  I’m asking myself to accept the role and get on with earning so that the future is not so worrisome.  The lack of income now is boxing my future in and thus limiting my present options.  But I allow this to happen and must think around it.

Think only of the day.  Tomorrow is the day and the money earned will only be tomorrow’s money.  Don’t allow tomorrow’s earnings to transgress beyond the hours allotted for tomorrow.  After it’s earned, leave it alone and forget.  You must, as another tomorrow will be waiting for you.  The sun will bring it back home to the east.  You will not get another chance.


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