Sentences: written to look busy at work

Without thinking, he reported the couple’s infidelity to the psychologist’s second cousin, the psychic.
The long term effects of the shockwave were Oedipus Complex and narcolepsy.
The ancestors of the village wait in the next dimension for the autumn harvest that will never come again.
His next door neighbor’s dog had Edger Allen Poe’s eyes.
Instead of wearing a scarf to work on “scarf day,” she stayed home and ate lasagna and cookies.
The murders were attributed to the malaria vaccine, to which had been added the sacred wolf’s blood.
The missing Sesame Street episode was encrypted with Mr. Rogers’ instructions on transcendental meditation.
The mother smiled while watching the aliens experiment on her son.
The bullet he sent through his head was made from a rib bone that had caged his dead lover’s heart.
The housewives met in silence on Wednesday nights to waltz the rumba.
The husbands met in the pre-dawn Sunday air to show each other how they cried.
Two spiders on the ceiling, one with only seven legs, walked in circles around each other until a black hole opened up and pulled them in.
The man from the city licked a dripping ice cream cone while studying his dead mother’s face.


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