The light bulb in the lamp by my bedside table has been flickering for about a month.  I don’t mind it.  I read my book in bed and it feels like I’m reading by candlelight.  I don’t mind that at all.  Takes a part of my mind to another time.

I’m really making a sport outcavehands of failing.  I’m uncovering all the best parts about failing. It’s not so bad if I think about the people who lived by candlelight.  They didn’t have the disconnection of electricity.  They had to light their own candles.  Light was motion.  It was something that had to be brought into being.  No switches or sockets.  We don’t know even know where those things lead.  We just swallow.  I switch a light on and nothing happens except the illumination of everything else that is failing.

The paper says that the economy is getting better, more jobs.  It’s said this countless times in the past ten years.  But where is it really going?  Seems like the men on the other side of the story are lying to us.  The proof of the life we read about online doesn’t exist on the highways and in the trees.  The wind is trying to tell us the truth, but we are forgetting to listen.  I think we are forgetting that we have the ability to listen.  Something we have to relearn, like creating fire.

I don’t replace the bulb in the lamp for another month and now it’s shining just fine.  Like it was never about to go out.  What was it saying to me when it was flickering?  Was is trying to be like the wind?  Did the men on the other side come through the wire and fix it while I slept?  What are they keeping from me?


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