Meat and Potatoes

P1030835The new supervisor at work drags her feet as she walks, shuffles over to my team’s area and asks how we’re doing only as a courtesy she feels obligated to offer up.  We, the workers, are always the same.  We’re always beginning a new loop of the same day and staring down the nine hours ahead.  I’ve seen too many people come and go through the legislature of that office and I must find a way out to something else.  Looking for that something else can become so laborious and defeating that you reach points of submission and decide to abandon the process temporarily and deal with the low paying abyss of your current job in order to give yourself a break from the job boards and hopeless e-mail solicitations for commission-only sales jobs that are likely more devastating to the psyche than your current job.  In these lulling periods, it’s best to try to focus on other outside passions and construct something of a purpose-driven existence that allows for inspiration to take shape as something tangible and forward-moving.

I can only assume that the new supervisor who appeals to us with a contented smile has and is doing the same thing in her life outside the office.  Or maybe she has a family, children to tend to and draw purpose from.  The purpose is time’s watchdog over us.  We are not in the fields, so we are in the offices.  We are not scavenging through deep woods and pondering the appearance of the moon in the night sky yet again, so we work through the dismissive hours of the day while the sun passes over, wondering why she drags her feet.


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